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By collaborating with our dedicated full stack developer and content strategist professionals you can deliver that first impression for a complete web presence that says to your clients "Yes, I want to do business with them".

What's New

We are always offering new services as technology improves, our on demand domain registration, on-demand video delivery, managed and dedicated server capability for any need.  We consider ourselves leaders, not fast followers as technology advances are available.

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Best in Class Support

The Alaska Web Solutions Support KB has been divided into categories indicating a particular Interface or a particular Product/Service. These have been further logically divided into sub-categories and answers, detailing a particular action or query for the DIY ...

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Net Frontier DIY Hosting
Net Frontier DIY Provisioning Portal

For those that would like to give it a go on doing all the setup and design yourself we offer a great DIY instant provisioning portal. There are no hidden fees, as always we are always here to help you succeed.

North Country Hosting
Knik Country Hosting Partner

Visit our newest hosting partner "Knik Country Hosting" They are bringing a wealth of experience for a great web presense.


Quality Control

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Regular Quality Control inspections on your website(s) will make for more engaged visitors, and will make you happier with your website investment. Finding issues before they get serious will save your time and money. It's usually cheaper to fix a leaky sink than it is to replace the stuff around the sink that got water-damaged. We implement measures for your websites Quality Control!


Real Human Support

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The services and support you recieve with your Professional Alaska Web Solutions team is provided by the same people who designed and built your template. Our web developer will take care of the first stage. The good news is, the types of tests the web developer uses are often available for the web site owner after the site goes live. Our team of experts are available to assist 24/7.


Custom Services

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Love the web site although needing some updating, not liking your current theme or colors, just contact us and we'll see what we can do to help! We'd love to fill the online catalog with every theme idea possible, knowing that we do not ... we've always offered to sit down with you to match your vision of a perfect website together.


Specific Help

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We're adding more and more technology improvments as technology advances. Build the beautiful website you have always imagined, without having to know code allowing us to complete and maintain your project to your planned specification and vision. We many times improvemnets are implemented to you to keep up with the security and over health of your web server.